Are we accepting new patients?                          

Dr Samad and Dr Prabhakaran are accepting referrals that we are able to

place on a wait list for 2022.  

Dr Prabhakaran is unable to take any new Department of Veterans' Affairs,

Workers Compensation or ADHD appointments. 

Please see 'Our Team' for more information


     What is the process to book an initial consult?               

     We require a GP referral addressed to our centre prior to booking an appointment

     After the referral is added to our system, we triage accordingly and may

    require extra paperwork, (any previous medical & school reports).

What are our fees?                                                           

  Australian Medical Association Fees:                                                                                                

Our fees are in line with AMA rates and are subject to increase in line with these rates.                                          

We also accept Department of Veterans' Affairs and Workers Compensation 

As we are a private specialist centre we are unable to bulk-bill

What is our rescheduling policy?

         Please understand there is a high volume of patients waiting in

         advance for an appointment. Therefore please advise us as soon as possible for

         any changes that need to be made.


Do we have a minimum age for patients?

             Our Psychiatrists area of speciality is in Adult Mental Health conditions.

            Dr Prabhakaran has a minimum age of 21

            Dr Samad has a minimum age of 16


     Are we able to provide requested reports for Department of Veterans' Affairs / Workers                             Compensation / Lawyers?

         Yes, our doctors are able to provide the requested reports

         however, this will incur a fee and an invoice will be provided along

         with a time frame the report will be completed. 

         Please be aware that AMA does not have current item numbers available

        for report writing. 

         The psychiatrists within our practice are consulting psychiatrists therefore,

         have set report fees.

         Murrumbateman Specialist Centre therefore has varying fees

       depending on the length of the requested report.

         Please let us know how you would like to proceed and

          where you would like the invoice sent to. 

         We ask if any requests could be emailed or faxed with as

         much information as possible. 


       *Please note, our psychiatrists & psychologists are not specialised in forensics and

      are unable to provide court reports for criminal proceedings.

     Emergency contact numbers

       If you're in crisis and do need immediate support please see contact numbers below

    LIFELINE: 13 11 14

   ACT CRISIS TEAM: 1 800 629 354

   NSW MENTAL HEALTH: 1 800 011 511

   In an emergency please call 000


Phone: 02 9052 6348

Fax:      02 6169 3207



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