For patients coming from Canberra: The Barton highway is currently undergoing major construction and it may cause travel delays ofup to 10 minutes. Please take this  into consideration when allowing for travel time. 


Please be advised, as all of our specialists are working part time in the clinic and on Tuesdays and Fridays our hours will be flexible. Due to our doctors other workplace commitments, the reception desk will be unattended from 4pm on both of these days. 


Please be advised, as our centre is in line with AMA rates, there will be a fee increase as of the 1st of July 2022.

Telehealth Appointments - Conditions and Terms of use

In addition to our general “Confidentiality and Consent Form"
(included on the patient detail form completed prior to the initial consultation), which includes information about confidentiality and its limits, information storage, informed consent to treatment, and consent to exchange information, we ask that you read this specific Telehealth Client Informed Consent Form.
If you would like a copy of the original, general Confidentiality and Consent Form, please let us know.
By signing this consent form, I agree that: I understand that the benefits of tele-health / video conferencing therapy sessions can include:
• Continued access to my Treating Psychiatrist/Psychologist during the COVID-19 pandemic • Continued therapeutic support as part of my treatment plan • Avoiding the need for me to travel to my appointments and increase the risk of exposure to myself and others I also understand that there are potential risks and down sides of tele-health / video conferencing sessions, and that these can include: • Telehealth / video conferencing may not feel the same as a face to face sessions • There could be technical problems that could affect the video / sound quality or connection, and this may disrupt the session in some ways • There is still a small risk of hacking or others tapping into the video connection I understand that my Doctor or psychologist is taking the necessary precautions to ensure confidentiality including: • Ensuring the privacy of the tele-health session is upheld in the same way an in-person session would be, by choosing a private location or using headphones • Not allowing any voice or video recording of the session I have been informed of and understand the payment / Medicare processes for my tele-health session is as per the standard billing practices, and consent to comply with these.
I understand that I can ask questions about the tele-health session at any time. 
Late Cancellations 
Please be aware that we have a cancellation fee for appointments cancelled within 24 hours.  Our cancellation fee is the full price of a standard appointment.  For less than 48hours notice our cancellation fee is half of a standard appointment fee. There is no Medicare rebate for cancellation fees.

This fee is at the discretion of your Doctor/Psychologist and the patient's circumstances for the cancellation and individual  situation.

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